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Submitted on
June 8, 2008
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selfless-rag by glittersniffer selfless-rag by glittersniffer
Just to recap I have deleted and rewritten the description for this piece…
I was lied to for usless reasons by someone I held very close to my heart as my very best friend. –hence the brutal imagery-

When I first created this piece I was furious… and broken.
Friends of 9 years or so lost, cut off, disconnected.
I was lied to and shoved aside for doing nothing but not being best buddies with his partner.
Never told any reasons why and I never knew till months later…
All because of a girl … who always was too selfish and bitter for her own good.
-shrugs- I do understand these situations and over time I cant seem to hold any grudges about it.
isn’t it funny what blooming love can do?
;Cut away all the other people who were there longer before.

Over time I have forgiven this –selfless rag- :heart: but it will forever taint our old relationship…I guess being cutt off and treated as the enemy makes anyone’s coffee a little sour!

I do understand these situations are not easy for anyone..
But no matter what… if I like or dislike my best friends partner I would NEVER do anything to come between them… see I guess I’m just not interested in petty stuff like that.
But for future refernce… don’t lie to your friends… if you must cutt them off for doing nothing at all…. Do what you must
But know friends can last a lot longer than lust and when all the lovely lust runs dry you might find no friends left to help you cry.

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Cute-little-pumpkin Apr 29, 2011
I love this, its such a powerful image <3
This is absolutely amazing.
Her face really gets your attention and all those tattoos, the little details...whoa.


Fuckin' g o r e-geous
Ethica-xx Jun 20, 2009
Awsome awsome awsome :D
The colours are just yummy
and her eye!!! -jealous D;<-
Brilliant composition and just an overall amazing piece
:D hope to see more like this!
stipend Apr 22, 2009   General Artist
wow, powerfull piece
euschi Feb 21, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
that is one of your very best pictures!!! i love this!
and i am sure in a few months you´ll get famous! :D
shehateshim Jan 15, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
love it, especially the lady's look.
Wow amazeing & very sexi O.o
Gah, you are like.. the best ever.
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