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June 29, 2008
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alot of people get my designed tattooed, i have some uploaded onto deviant art..
but thats still not all of them :)

if people do find images on websites or anyplace with people showing off there tatts that happen to be my work, i would appreciate it if you let me know!
i love to see them, and keep the pictures, sadly some people dont bother to contact me and show me the work :)

:rose: EDIT :rose:

this is a lovely piece! i was told by people that the girl who got this tattooed claimed it was not my piece of art,
but that was a big mix up..
i do apologise for the mix up, i dont like to accuse people of anything, i just was told mixed information and had not been informed about this tattoo..
-shrugs- very sorry for the mix up :)

i have NO PROBLEM with anyone getting my art tattooed! i LOVE IT, and its the biggest compliment to know my work has touched so many people! enough to get it tattooed :)
so please let me know if you got some work done! i wont bite and would love to show it off

xxx :heart:

origonal piece found here

JUST SO YOU KNOW, i do custom tattoo designs on commission :) i can take pictures from my gallery and edit them to be desired for you, and all my commissions STAY OFF devinat art AND ARE NOT shown to anyone but you, the paying customer :) so keep that in mind, if you want origonal custom -one of a kind- designs by me... then contact me
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Wow!!! This will be my next Tattoo!!! I will definetily credit it back to you. You are AMAZING!!!!!
the colours in this are brilliantly done :) youre artwork is gr8 and they look like fab tattoos, im considering one myself
I plan on getting this- with minor altercations- tattooed on my upper arm for the start of my sleeve. (:
It is absolutely beautiful, as is the rest of your gallery! It's been hard to make a choice on which one I like best, there are so many to chose from! :heart: If not for my profession and it's restrictions on certain forms of body art, I'd already have half my body covered in your art!
Glittersniffer your work is amazing...I am completely speechless!!! I would love to have a piece of your art tattooed on my body. So if I can chose out of all your fabulous paintings I would love to have you edit a piece. How exactly does that work?
This is a GORGEOUS piece! I am searching for some tat ideas for my arm. Your works is beautiful.
whoaww it looks amazing !! <3
TodaysRebellion Jul 13, 2010
You are amazing! You inspire me so much! Your style of art is so cool and different... plus you are a unique person. I would love to make a living off my art, but I am simply not good enough... Looking at your art and reading your bio gives me hope to do what I want against growing odds....
It's very nice...
gieem9 Jan 5, 2010  Professional General Artist
when i 've saw youre works i thought - amazing....
youare greate artist!!!
now i planinig to have a tattoo... and i'm thinking about one of yoour work.
but i still think about coryrights and all that shit..i could be great if you chose one for me but problem is you dont know me and ...
but i love all your works..
how much are custom tattoo designs by you ? like mid price
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