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Submitted on
April 17, 2006
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ChEsHiReXcAt SLOTH by glittersniffer ChEsHiReXcAt SLOTH by glittersniffer
The 7 deadly sin SLOTH finally!
This has been huge motivation to finish this one up! Besides being busy with average day to day things I just have not liked how my drive to finish this 7 deadly sin project has been going… but its going to be completed! I was always just worried id get slack on the project and the next few sins left to go would become slack and rushed…
This is now finished and I have to say it looks great :) and I no longer have that fear of the next 3 sins being a rushed and slack effort :)

Yes compared to my 7 deadly sin greed image all the others look simpler but believe me they are no more rushed than any of my best works!
A lot of people told me –the caterpillar for sloth would be perfect!- and yes I do also agree but I’m saving him for another sin…
I chose to do the Cheshire cat because he does also fit’s into sloth,
I didn’t draw him in a very sloth like pose mainly because I think along with being a sloth he is still sneaky and wicked … a bit mad and naughty.
He does stir Alice up quiet a bit in wonderland.
I wanted to express his true colours in this image along with displaying him over the title –sloth-

I’m happy with everything that has turned out in this including the little quirky mome wraths *if you remember them* the Cheshire cat is –based- on my design I did for my tattoo of the Cheshire cat …tho I changed it quiet a lot because id rather not have the image I have tattooed up on here for the fact that nobody can steal what they cant see or get a hold of.
But my favourite bits of this are the backgrounds and such and not really the Cheshire cat…

Well I hope you enjoy,
full view
And as all of my art its drawn on A3 sized paper
I used faber castel watercolour pencils *no added water*
Ink and pens.

~dontkillthellama, has wrote another for this image [link]
please do read :) her quirky writings do add to the image.

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awsome pic. I love the cheshire cat.
oh my! this is flippin awesome! i love this lots! instant fav to the 10th power!
my boyfriend give my this one for christmas (canva prints)... I was so HAPPY ! I intend to buy some other, but i'm not sure which one ... because i love them all... but the cheshire cat is my favorite one... I have many thing representing this cat but this print is the BEST ! i like it very much ! Continue drawing, you're really talented !!!! i just need to find the perfect color for my wall now... have some idea ???
thankyou so much!!
this cheshire cat was based off my tattoo design :)
it looks simalar but its not...
im really honored you find my one the best out of your collection!
thats a huge compliment.

i dunno what wall colour you have
a dark berry purple looks great as a feature wall though!
Love your design for the cat, he looks even more twisted than the one from the game^^ great work.
This is totally wicked.Ol' Cheshy never looked so good.
Your artwork is such an amazement. Such style and detail. :heart:
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