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May 14, 2006
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CaTeRpIlLaRxAliCe WRATH by glittersniffer CaTeRpIlLaRxAliCe WRATH by glittersniffer
Finally finished my 7 deadly sins –wrath-
And I have to say I am very pleased with the finished result!
I am very excited but I’m sure not as excited as Carie Wilson of South Africa, this young 15-16 year old girl is having a ball taking credit for my 7 deadly sins with Alice in wonderland inspirations at her school and in art class, amongst other creations of mine I’m sure…

I’m sure she will be delighted to see the 6th edition to my almost finished 7 deadly sin project –smiles-
I’m just glad I can work my butt of for pathetic little children like you to come by and steal my work. I am aware your probably not the only one but lets take this message as something to send to any of you who steal work that is not your own…
*you can do what you want and run this roller coaster ride as fun as it is living a lie and pretending to be something your not, the truth will soon come out and if not you will always know what you did is wrong and how many people you lied to*. I hope stealing others work fulfils your little bellies for how ever long before it rots away, your head will never get rid of the truth. Better hope no one finds out about your icky little lies …how embarrassing will that be!

-smiles- anyway I chose to use the caterpillar as wrath because he had a very short temper in Alice in wonderland … he was very sloth- full too but lost his temper at Alice and blew a lot of smoke in her face :D;probably got her a bit high…
Of corse we all know that the caterpillar in Alice in wonderland is in fact blue but I chose to do each sin in colour tones to create interesting and different looking work… *if you didn’t know* colour toning for each sin also gives me the chance to express each sin with a perfect matching colour along with the matching character of Alice in wonderland for each sin. I used yellows, oranges and pinkie red colours for something a little different with this one, I would have steered away from using more red *because I have so in two sins already* but the stoned caterpillar does blow red smoke at Alice when he got mad *in the Alice in wonderland Disney movie*
I had to use red ^_^

I am pretty surprised that I feel I made this image look quiet nice considering how I’m starting to get real sick and tired of this project :) and I do not like oranges and yellows super doper much…I do hate to feel like I’m ever rushing a piece just for the sake of getting it done! Rushing work always shows as doe’s lack of passion :)
-Shrugs- ill let you guys decide…

PS. I had quiet defined stripes of red in the mushroom the caterpillar is sitting on…and his smoke was much more detailed, filled with skull faces and swirls that don’t show up so good through the scanner…
Trouble with reds again…

Utensils used,
Faber castel watercolour pencils –no added water
Black Ink.

poem by dontkillthellama, [link]

-view my other complete sins below, one more to go!!

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stoopid-kirbeh 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
EEK!That's one scary image of my fav character...Take it away from me!
gothicprincess18 Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
wrath is one of the 7 deadly sins?
HayleyCosplay Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
indeed it is. *responds to year old comment*
Storme67 Sep 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I am now deathly afraid of caterpillars. Great design, by the way
That is epic!
I love the colours, and well....EVERYTHING!
wow. just wow. I can't find anything I don't like about this one. I love the colors yellow, red, and pink so out of the ones you've done I'd say this is my favorite.

(I noticed there weren't any angry comments so i thought it would be apropriate)
hehehehe! thankyou so much!
xhearingxcolorsx Jan 23, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Your 7 Deadly Sins: Alice In Wonderland drawings are probably my favorite in your gallery.... So inspiring.. I love the colors in this one too. For some reason, this really reminded me of an acid trip. xD <3
trashy-ranger Jun 14, 2009
hey theere

great pic like amazing :]

the whole series is just awsome :)

art stealers suck like :/

question erm how do you scan an a3 sheet ive tried on my scanner but its too small do i have to get a new one

thanks :)
thankyou so much!

yeah you always get people trying to copycat but its worse when people simply trace an image and claim it as their own!

to scan..
well you can buy an A3 scanner ...but they are expenssive..
so i simply use an A4 and scan my pieces twice, the top half and the bottom.
then i attach the image in photoshop :)
its pretty easy!
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