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November 4, 2003
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BLOCK ..DAMN by glittersniffer BLOCK ..DAMN by glittersniffer
omg omg GIVE ME A BREAK!!! I HAVE AN ART BLOCK .. *breaks down and cries* .. do u know how hard it is .. I'm SURE U DO … when u haven’t drawn for two whole days .. AND YOU JUST FEEL THE CRAVING!! … and you have to JUST D R A W SOMETHING!!! .. OH MY GOD .. *deep breath* …aaaaaaaaaah

.. OK so this is what I come up with …………..:| .. TA fucken DA .. and yessum .. I was bored .. thought AAAH should draw my characters or something .. so I don’t forget how .. :P .. AND .. wollA .. mm from left to right .. –TOP-Kory .. Theudis ..Ashka .. Darius .. and Maddison- dressed up as a devil .. mmm *sigh* ok this is just a BIG FAT FUN SKETCH .. and yeh I know .. meh .. –shrugs-

..i like sketches .. u get to get a NICE BIG FAT look at how the artist starts of drawings .. its like a .. I dunno a step .. a step in there drawing development .. SO TAKE A BIG FAT CLOSE LOOK U FOOL!! *shakes fist angrily*

.. oh and AHEM .. if u have not noticed I am in a REAL .. insane.. unstable.. dangerous .. STAY AWAY case of .. might EXPLODE:explode: with INSANE laughter at ANY minute MOOD!

The DNE :chew:
p.s .. this is a big picture … um two A3 pieces of wasted paper .. mm *yoo*
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Omg! That was happening to me today! I was bored.... not really in the mood to draw but I was bored so I thought I'd draw... so I tried... I couldn't do ANYTHING. I was getting frustrated and everything... you're right... never try to draw, just draw...
yuhuh :P hehe lol thats the way it works :P its like everything tho .. if u try too hard to draw even without a art block it sometimes dont turn out .. mm it all depends :) good luck with ur drawing hey!!:P
I like it alot, thats awsome for an art block, i really like how morrigan looks, id love to see one just of her all devil like with wings and shit. very cool work though
oooh good idea!!:P heheh thankyou too ..oh and i think u mean Maddison:P hehe
that looks awosme:D will you be colouring it or no? i really like how you drew maddison, like her pose and everything^^
i dont know if ill work back into it or not .. *ponders* ... i might leave it as is .. but just so ppl can see how my pictures usualy start off as .. real rough sketches and such lol ..maddison appeals to alot of ppl:P how cute
obsidian-butterfly Nov 4, 2003
i love ur characters they all so coooooool! especially Darius, love the horns, even with art block u still amazin!
wow thankyou:P i suprised myself realy :| .. i HAD to draw .. and meh ..-shrugs- im happy with how it turned out ..:P
i really love this, i admire ure style its really cool.
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